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High speed spining making loud noise



My friend has a Kenmore Washer Model:417.40352200 when it goes in high speed spining it making loud noise. Would you please let me know what wrong is it? Bearing?? ???
Please let me which is the part I need to replace and also let know the part number.
If you have video to show how to replace please let me know.
Thank you.


Model 417.40352200

We can't hear the noises, so asking a question like that is somewhat useless. Could be a pump, something stuck in the wash basket or a bad bearing. This is a Frigidiaire made washer, so you can use the information in the appropriate service manual which you will find on this page.

As the manuals will point out, replacing the tub bearing will be a major step, labor-wise and money wise if this turns out to be the problem.

Since you are dealing with a "friend", you better go by there and see where this noise is coming from first  hand so you don't get off on the wrong track. I always get screwed trying to help friends and family anyway...for some reason something always goes horribly wrong..but maybe that's just me :)

Mr Repair-Man, O0
I agree with you. Finally, I went there and checked it myself, the problem is when I turn the Drum Assy Spin Basket, it makes the noise. I hope I can provide you more information.  :-\
Thank you.


Bad tub bearings. When you get the CORRECT model number, you can see about ordering the  tub. The model you gave does not compute.

As far as more information, if you need repair help the manual is there for you. Nothing more from us is necessary, since we don't teach appliance repairs like that here. Have fun with that...I'd rather have a root canal than do that job :)

Thank you Mr. Repair-Man for your advice.  O0


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