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 I got a call about ice dams building up under  the icemaker after installing reverse osmosis system. Repair-man wrote in a post back in june of 2008 that R/O systems can't be used on Amana/Maytag refrigerators. Will somebody explain why?  
 OK, I just found out that the R/O system does not have enough water pressure to keep the water valve closed. Is it just Amana/Maytag? Is there a solution?  

Model SXD26VW                                                  

Don't the icebox have it's own filter?

Here's the reason behind my topic-

On page 7 of the Service & Install Guide for this model it states:

"To avoid property damage, observe the following:
Confirm water pressure to water valve is between
20 and 100 pounds per square inch."

This particular manual did not mention R/O systems because they had not yet been recognized as consitent trouble-makers. In 2002 all the manuals were amended. You may save a copy of this manual HERE for your perusal.

So in plain english can they run an ice maker on a reverse osmosis machine or not RM?

I have seen 2 Amana refrigerators with issues,1 GE & 1Whirlpool.ALL on reverse osmosis systems. Hooked them up direct & no more troubles. 


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