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Hey everyone, My stove stopped working the other day and I think I've narrowed the problem down to the Electronic Oven Control but I wanna get everyone's input considering I've never messed with Electric Stoves or any appliances for that matter. And also, the part is pretty expensive to replace. I'll list the steps that I took to narrow the problem down to the Control/Clock Panel

1. Flipped breakers several times
2. I then checked the Ohms in the heating element and got a reading
   of 20 I think
3.Next, I checked the voltage of each side of the heating element,
   the right side got all 120 volts but the left side didn't
4.The left side of the heating element is supposed to get its power
   from the L2 out connection on the Control Panel. L2 In had all the
   120 volts so I think something is wrong with the circuit not
   transferring the power from the L2 In to the L2 Out.

I'm not sure if there could be anything else wrong so please, any input would be much appreciated!


Model 790.95032503

depending on the last (4) missing numbers of your model number ...

It would seem like the DLB Relay on the Controller is bad.

Could be replaced if you could find the replacement (part numbers from the Relay) and could solder the new one onto the board.

What does the DLB relay look like? I'm attaching a picture of the replacement part for the control panel. Is it anything on the back of it?
Also, I'm not really sure what the other 4 numbers for the model number are. I wasn't aware there were anymore.

that may or may not be your Controller..

check the model number ON the Range ...!retrieve.pd;jsessionid=ozrFbVBdYmlbTcIU+8cnEQ**.shcapp3205?modelNumber=790.9503

Finally found the last 4 numbers, 2503, so all together the model number is 79095032503. Hope that helps!


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