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#1 Today I had my washer repaired and it cost $440 to have the wax motor and the control board replaced is that a good deal ?
#2 I still have a little ticking noise while it washes,could that be a flat spot on the belt? or does anyone have any ideas.

Model MAH4000AWW


You could Check Here to see if you could had got the parts any cheaper online.

I doubt it's a flat spot on the belt. If anything a bad belt on a neptune will make a squeaky sound as the tub changes direction during the agitation cycle.

Could be the tub bearings starting to go out.
How old is the washer?
Is it noisy during the spin cycle?

Could you post a video clip of the washer making the noise?

the washer is about 10 years old,i guess it has served its purpose.the little clicking is when it turns slow,which i believe is a bearing too,well i think its about time to replace the washer as a suggestion,in your opinion which front loading washer would you recommend.
                 thank you for your response

The whirlpool duet washers seem to do a good job of holding up over the years.

Thank You

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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