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Motor Noise While Agitating


Washer agitates very slowly and makes a lot of noise during agitation. When it goes into spin cycle everything is fine. Thought I was having transmission problem so I opened the washer up. It is the motor that is chattering loudly during agitation. After getting frustrated I hit the timer and the motor chattering stopped for awhile and then started back up. Could I have a bad timer.
I appreciate everyones hard work at this forum. Thank you very much.

Model MAV7600AWW

Gave the timer the old "left fist" test, eh?  :)

Ordinarily, I'd suspect a motor problem but since you temporarily corrected the symptoms by banging the timer, this shows a likely bad contact within the timer causing the problem. The nice thing about ordering from Repair Clinic is you can return the part if it does not solve the problem.

Your timer is shown below, and you may click to order.


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