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Author Topic: Frigidaire Affinity Front Load ATF6000ES1, NO Agitation/spin, Error "E5E"  (Read 2165 times)

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I have a Frigidaire Affinity Front load washer, Model ATF6000ES1. Last week, suddenly the washer went bad and starting acting up. When a wash cycle is started, there would be water flow for like 2 seconds and then nothing. The timer would still keep winding down all the time. Again after a min or so, 2 seconds of water intake and again the same process continues. There is no spin or tumble or even no soap being dispensed.

I ran the built in diagnostic test and I got an error "E5E", which points to a "Communication Problem between the Main Control Board and the Motor/Speed control board". I checked the wires and they all seem to be just fine. I also went ahead and used a Multi meter to test continuity for the wires end to end and they all are fine. I also checked the resistance for the solenoids for the water dispenser and door latch and they are also fine. I then checked the resistance mentioned in the technical sheet for the Motor and that also measured just fine.

From what I have read so far, it is either the Main control board or the Speed control board that might be the problem. I am currently located in India and so getting the part shipped is a huge pain already and so want to confirm the broken part before ordering and getting it. I cannot take a chance of ordering one part first and if that doesn't fix it, then go ahead and order the other one.

I have disconnected the Speed control board and wanted to measure the voltage coming into it and out of it to see if I can identify anything. The Input Voltage reads about 120 V for the 2 seconds or so when there is water intake or when the pump is started and then it reads a steady 3V. The output Voltage is always a very unpleasant 0V. I am not really sure what to make out of these readings though.

I would greatly appreciate any help in narrowing down the actual problem component so that I can order it and get my issue resolved. I am pretty handy and can undertake more tests / diagnostics if required to identify the issue, but with proper guidance.

Thanks in advance for anyone offering help & guidance.

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Re: Frigidaire Affinity Front Load ATF6000ES1, NO Agitation/spin, Error "E5E"
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2014, 08:53:21 PM »
Much more likely to be motor control board or harness connection at motor board than the main board

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Re: Frigidaire Affinity Front Load ATF6000ES1, NO Agitation/spin, Error "E5E"
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2014, 01:10:30 AM »
I did check all the wires for continuity in the entire system and all wire harnesses seem to be intact. So, would it be safe to assume that it is the motor control board and order it?

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I would say it's the motor control board.
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Re: Frigidaire Affinity Front Load ATF6000ES1, NO Agitation/spin, Error "E5E"
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2014, 12:10:21 PM »
I agree, motor control board. If you purchase the control board from you can always return it if that ends up not fixing it.

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I've got a used one somewhere. Had to replace one a few years ago.

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