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Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Does Not Start

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First only the options lights would go on.  But, I was able to get it to run several more cycles only in Normal.  Now, All lights are out - None!  I checked the power panel and turned it off for 30 minutes and then on - Nothing.  I checked the wiring and it looks good.  Metered wiring - fine.  Pulled out door switch and checked for continuity - fine.  What do I need to do to get the lights back on and get this thing working again?

Could you give me your entire model number and I will look it up. The model number looks like xxx.XXXXXX

Kenmore Elite # 665.17469300

I pulled out the keypad/control board.  I'm tempted to replace this.  I also read somewhere about the heating control unit - if the fuse on that is gone then replace that.  I'm not sure where that is located on this machine or what to check.  There is also a little black electronic box with two wires connected to it just behind the control panel on the right side.  Think it is to the right of the picture provided.  What is that and should I check for continuity?

That is the thermal fuse. You should get a reading of 0.0. If it checks good, then it might be the control board. It's common for that fuse to go out.

I checked the fuse and get no reading - which according to you is good?

Do I need to get a new Touchpad with the control board?


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