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During Spin cycle agitator tries to turn like it is washing

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Maytag washer does not ramp up to speed.  Issue is the agitator catches and acts like it is washing and causes the tub to slow down.  

Model MAVT546EWW

Let me get this straight: Washer spins slow whilst agitatin?

yes when it starts out on spin it gets going and then the agitator moves back and forth causing the spin to slow down and it keeps trying to spin and the agitator keeps going back and forth. 

I looked it up a bit and it may be a fix in a similar post, my question now is.  I took off the pulley wheel on the bottom and put an new one on.  But I cannot get the retaining clip back on.  How does one do this?  I am stumped.


I have a carpenders claw tool. (A hammer is too big) slip it up in between the spokes and grab the lip of the brake package and compress the brake a hair to slide the clip on. Others say they can do it with a flat blade screwdriver laying on the floor with the washer tipped back.


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