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Sharp Carousel R-1870 Microwave - want to fix myself Could it be a fuse?


This worked perfect until we (the entire house) had a huge power surge (caused bye SCE) they had to redo the entire electric line that came into our home - it was old and had deteriorated under the street.

Microwave worked perfect until that happenned.
We filed a claim with Edison and they say they didnt cause it. is exactly when it happenned and had to do with a power surge.

We have ignored it for quite some time now - in fact bought a little countertop model to see us thru until we could afford to buy a new built-in.

Now it just crossed  our brains that maybe they have fuses and maybe that is all that is wrong with it.    

Does that seem logical?

And if so, does anyone know where we can find it. I have looked online and can not find any info that tells where a fuse would be located.

Thanks for  your help.

Nancy :)

Does any light at all come on?
This is a link to the service manual.
If there are no lights at all it is possibly a fuse.


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