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Jenn-Air self cleaning oven problem

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Being a sears model number there maybe three digits in front of the 2023781 that you listed for a model number.

Something like ***.2023781
Please take another look at the model/serial number tag on the oven to see if there are some other digits.


Dear AJ: I checked the serial number and it does not have anything in front of the 2023781 number. The model number is on a Jenn-Air sticker, but the stove may be made special for Sears.

I also checked the latch I didn't see any damage or anything bent.  I found the microswitch that engages the solenoid. The micro switch has a roller bearing on it. When the door lock lever is moved to the right, a cam on the door lock lever rides on this roller bearing causing the micro switch to close, and this picks the solenoid.  When the door lock lever is moved complete to the right the cam allows the microswitch to open and that is when the start time appears on the clock.  So I think the solenoid has to drop out for the start and stop time to appear on the clock for the cleaning cycle.   Ed


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