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I have a white Jenn-Air JES9800 down-draft slide-in range.

(that one)

I have a few problems with it. The left side of the door leaks heat! The Maytag repair man has been to fix it once (he won't come back because he hasn't been paid). He hasn't been paid because he didn't fix it, the new door seal did nothing, when I call them his wife says "we're high on the priority list". The range has leaked so much heat that the door is discolored, and the plastic panel above the door is discolored and beginning to melt. We have never had any problem with any Maytag appliance, we're on our 3rd set with the exception of the washer/dryer (washer is going on 24 years!) It's the middle of winter too and the we might as well have the windows open because all the cold air blows right up the vent! It's a horrible appliance! Has anyone had these problems with their Jenn-Air?

Model JES9800

Don't sweat it! JennAir also had issues with the door, particularly the hinges failing. Even though they do not appear to sag, they are not allowing the door to close properly or uniformly. The solution is new door hinge and is Maytag part # 74011142. Comes with instructions also. Might as well replace them both.

p.s. You would not have cold air coming up the downdraft if you had a proper damper installed.


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