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How often do you replace your water heater?

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How long should a water heater last?

Our water heater is always just out of the 5 year warranty when it starts leaking.  :tickedoff:

Is there something I can do to make it last longer or is that all the longer a water heater last now day's?

That depends on:
1. the water quality (pH, %solid/sediment and mineral content) and
2. the maintenance given to the unit.

I had an electrical heater for over 25 years that is until I got tired of replacing heating elements and flushing the tank. Now I have a line heater (tankless) which does the job and is about the size of a shoe box.
In general you replace a water heater when the tank leaks because most of the original parts can be readily found or be substituted by generic parts. If you flush the tank and replace the anode rod the unit will last a very long time.

A water heater should last between 10-20 years with no problems. You may need a water softener or a filter system before water goes into your water heater. You can also drain your water heater once or twice a year to drain all the sediment at the bottom causing poor heating and corrosion

Suggest the yearly sediment flush out.

Also, replacing the anode rod every 3-5 years is recommended -- especially for a 5 year warranty tank. As I understand, the longer warranty tanks have a larger (longer) anode -- some have 2 -- to extend the tank life due to corrosion, which is the main killer.

Life is highly dependent on water quality and the corrosion package the manufacturer used.

See] for more info than you'll probably ever want to know about water heaters.

Anode rods are available at local plumbing supply houses for $10-20.

One more thing on the anode rods... Avoid aluminum rods. When the rods doing its job aluminum rods tend to swell, making it almost impossible to remove.

The site sapp posted is awesome. Used it for school alot when I was in water heater classes.

They talk about anode rods here


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