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Does a plumber have to be licensed?

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Does a plumber have to be licensed to do work in my house.

If he does how do I know if he is?
I hate to just outright ask him.

Can I check with the state or something?

A plumber only has to know 5 things:

1. Hot is on the left
2. Cold is on the right
3. Water won't run uphill
4. Poop won't go around sharp corners.
5. Never chew your nails.

All plumbers are licensed. What you should be giving him is a Breathalizer...

Earl Dryer:
Don't worry about asking if he is licensed you can tell, his shirt is pulled out
of his breaches because of the gut and his butt crack is showin cause his pant wont stay up.

hot on the left
cold on the right
shvt runs downhill
any mo qwashuns? :D

You go ahead and ask.  While you're at it, ask if he is insured, and does he have the proper permits to work in your town.  If he's legit, he won't quit.  If he balks, say thanks, and shut the door. O0


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