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when i press bake or broil the pad says its on and pre heating but theres no heat i checked both elements and there both good and there dosent seem to be any broken wires any where i havnt ohm out the oven sensor or the thermal fuse in the back of the oven could it be any of these parts? ???

Model Number: rbs305prq00

Probably is the safety thermostat on back. Did you recently self-clean?

That's not a good model number either.

You can Ohm the bake circuit from up at the control panel without having to pull  the oven. With a decent model number, we might get a diagram...

I'm sorry about posting the wrong model # but here's the real model# rbs305prqoo :embarassed: and yes she did use the self clean before this whirlpool electric oven did this

I updated the model number information in your first post. :)

Now we're getting somewhere. There's an Oven Shutdown thermostat inside the control panel. Better yet, I am attaching the service  technical sheet for you to read, and the item is covered on page 6.

Tech Sheet for Model rbs305

The parts is shown below, and you may click to order from Repair Clinic..


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