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Leaking at the base of dishwasher!

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pls dont hate me for mentioning this so late, but..... read your manual, i know up here in canada your machine has 2 YEARS warranty, not one

sorry i never saw that in your first post earlier

and also, alot of manufacturers will let you use install date instead of purchase date

No problem with the late mention. Here in the US the parts & labor are 1 year, parts are the only thing covered in the 2nd year.

I received the new drain pump and it seems to have solved the drainage problem. The door blower didn't show signs of leakage, but I'll seal it just to prevent future headaches. I think the pump was the source of the leakage since I haven't noticed any other leaks after a cycle finished.

That's great,  O0

Thanks for the update.


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