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What is the purpose of the front and rear interlock switch on this model . I was leak testing this machine with the back panel and the front inspection panel off and it would only lock and not run until I pushed both interlock switches in and then washer worked fine . I  don't get it ?

Model Number: WFW8300

lets say a rookie tech is all up inthe machine grabbing and yanking at belts wires and stuff or a DIYguy and lets say his wife desides to press some buttons to mess with his head. To keep my homeys from bodily harm is my first guess. :D

Just what we need, more guesswork...

They obviously do no want the machine to be run with both panels off like that since the motor, board and pump are not on a dedicated gound. For an explanation of why they do this see page 13 on the following tech sheet:

Tech Sheet

I usually just tape them closed while I am tinkering.

The interlock is there to interupt power to the unit with the panel removed. Nice tech sheet RM. Thanks.


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