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How would you like the chance to make a little extra money online?

It's easy to get started. The first thing you will need to do is register for a free account.

Then fill out the information in your profile page.
Be sure to include your paypal address when adding the information in your profile so you can get your very own Buy Me a Beer icon.

Now that you have a account and your beer glass icon there are a few ways you can start making money on our site.

1. You can answer questions that other members ask.

Members can reward the people that answer there questions by buying them a beer (or at least donating enough money via Paypal to buy one).

2. You can create a new "How to" topic.

Here are some examples of "How to" type topics.

How to replace a Whirlpool Duet washer bellow tub door seal

Video: Whirlpool Made Direct Drive Washer Motor Coupler Replacement

You don't have to include photos or videos in your "How to" post.

If you would like to include photos in your topic your photos can be downloaded to our Photo Gallery and your videos can be downloaded to our YouTube Appliance Group.

The "How to" type topics that you create are a great way for you to make residual income.

Your "How to" topic don't just help that one person, it could help thousands of people and keep making you money for years to come, without your interaction!

3. As with the "How to" type post you can write reviews on the appliances you already own. Let other members know what you think of your appliances. Have you had a lot of trouble with them? Would you buy them again?

There are no guarantees you will make any money on our site using the Buy Me a Beer icon under your username, but does any other appliance repair site even give you this option?

At this time I believe we are the first and only appliance repair forum to offer this.

Other appliance repair forums have paypal dontion buttons for site donations and there own beer fund, but nothing for the members that help on the forums.

After all it is the members that make the forums what they are and we believe it's the members that should be rewarded for there help.

Get started now and join our community today!  :tiphat:

Is.. our pay pal address our email,? to pay pal?  user name, and or mailing address .

Your PayPal address is the email address on your PayPal account.

ok, got it, I found another post, and figured it sort of



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