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Maytag Washer leaking/ throwing grease- belt chewed up-


Washer was purchased in '98 - did not realize something was wrong until we noticed the smell of rubber burning. Turned over to find quite a bit of grease thrown across the bottom and belt somewhat chewed up on one side. Pulled off pulley to check bearing, which appears to be fine- no faulty ball bearings. Any ideas??  :thinking:

Model LAT8816AAE

Lip seal,May need a tool to remove.

The genuine part # 207843

The removal tool is very expensive but the seal comes with the installation tool. I have had people say that with a good hook tool they could remove it without using the factory tool. I can't see it being done without the factory tool.( clearance issues) It is a very good machine & will just need that seal a good cleaning & some belts.


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