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Whirlpool double oven display blank


Model Number: GBD277PDB09

The other day, I noticed that the display on the oven is blank.  I tried pushing the Upper Off, then the Lower Off, then the Clock, followed by all other buttons and nothing would show on the display.  The light button does work.  

When I push the Start button, (after the button beep) I get a beeping sequence (dit-dah-dit-dit-dit).

I also tried going through the sequence to start the oven (Upper Oven - Start)(thinking the display may be dead) and it didn't work.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), we don't use the oven too often, so I am willing to troubleshoot and hopefully repair this myself.

Any ideas about the problem and solution?  (Oven is about 4.5 years old.)


Hi Tim;

The problem is likely just a bad electronic clock control, as shown in the picture below. These are affected by voltage spikes and power surges in the area despite the fact that the oven gets low usage. The way we confirm this is to check for voltage to the control, and if voltage is present, the display should work. You can type your model number into the parts lookup here to find the clock and order it.

Thanks for the help.  After checking the control and ordering the new one, it took all of 10 minutes to replace!


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