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Maytag Gemini Stove Dual Oven

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FOr quite some time now I tried to use my "self-cleaning" ovens Clean operation. It worked once (a long long time ago.)  All I get now is the Error code f9-4.

I've looked it up and it's an error of the lower oven lock mechanism. But both ovens lock. I even cleaned the locks and they work just fine.

Any ideas? The ovens are a bear to hand clean. 'Thanks!

Model mer6770aaq

Check the door lock switch and the wiring. If they prove OK you will need a new control.
The lock signal has a certain amount of time to get back to the control.
If the switch and wiring is good the control is bad.

Disregard the previous tech's suggestion, as a control is not needed. We had issues with the Gemini latches, and you simply need to replace the latch switch motor assembly for the lower oven. The latch switch is not coming around full circle on the cam, so the control is picking up on this. There's a Gemini manual around here somewhere.

You might need the first 2 digits of your serial number when ordering the lower latch assembly, as they made a change between 10 and 15 on the serial numbers regarding the correct part number.

My recommendation came from page 1-12 in the manual wherein it states the problem and correction.
I guess that is where it pays to be on the Payroll. You get the latest tech bulletins.
Thank you for correcting my diagnosis with the update information.


Did you get your Gemini stove working?


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