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Frigidaire gas range error code F10


Hello gents
This F10 problem first started last Nov '08 when it was still under warranty. My wife said it only happened once.  She was able to hit clear/off, bake, set temp and it worked the rest of the time.

Well now it started happening again last night.  It did it twice using the oven and broiler.  Of course its (1) month past the warranty period  :tickedoff:

I did a search on here for the error code and could not find F10.
Searching the internet said I may have a bad temp probe.

Anybody here have this problem ?
Any info is appreciated...


The f-10 code refers to the temp probe, part # 316490001
With an ohm meter check wires 12 to 13 on the P-5 connector both violet colored wires. You should read 1100 ohms. If not 1100 replace the temp probe. If 1100 ohms is present replace the ERC.

jumptrout51, thanks man. I have a fluke meter and will check.

Now, what is ERC ?

You main electronic control, part # 316557101
With luck it will be the temp probe.

I hope so too
Thanks again


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