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GE SxS Water Leak

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Could sure use some help here... The unit is just about 3 yrs old... I'm having trouble with water leaking inside both the freezer side and fresh food side... but mainly the fresh food side right now...

1. Started having sporadic water coming from the front water dispenser.  Meaning sometimes the water will flow... and then a little later it won't.  It is not leaking from the dispenser... it's just sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't... when it doesn't work, you can hear it trying to work... but no water flows.  I replaced the water filter... hoping that might help, but it didn't.

2.  Wife has been complaining of food freezing in the bottom compartments of the fresh food side.

OK... so I started pulling everything out of the freezer...

3.  The ice tray was full... it also had a lot of frozen solid ice in the bottom of the tray... so much so that the auger in the tray wasn't able to turn...

4.  I had huge icicles in the back of the freezer... literally from the top shelf down to the bottom of the freezer.  I've pulled everything out... cleaned up the ice tray... and reinstalled... it's been a couple of days and it doesn't seem like I have a huge leak, but I have noticed some ice droplets on the back wall...

Then... I started pulling everything out of the bottom bins on the fresh food side and also pulled the shelves and bins...

5.  I discovered frozen ice and water in the bottom of the fresh food side... a lot of water and large sheets of ice... I'm surprised it wasn't pouring out the front door of the unit...

I dried and cleaned everything up and tried to figure out the leak...

6.  With the door to the fresh food side open, I filled a glass of water from the front water dispensor (on the freezer door)... it worked... it looked like everything was OK, I started seeing a lot of water leaking in the fresh food side from the water tank... or at least this area... if you think of the water tank looking like a 'W'... the water appeared to be leaking on the left side or the first bottom point of the 'W'...

7.  There is no leak when it is just sitting there... only when you go to get a drink...

8.  The top of the water tank is covered / protected with a piece of plastic that is held in with thumb screws... it also looks like there is foam between the plastic cover and the tank... I am currently having trouble getting those thumb screws out and the plasctic cover off (it also looks like it is glued in there) to see if i can see a hole in the tank.

I know I have a bunch of issues here... what all should I be checking?  


There's always any uiderrlying reason for everything.

Here's my theory:

A board or other component has cause the tepmeratures to go haywire, freezing the water reservoir in the FF section and causing it to rupture. Now when yu draw water, it leaks. The tank is behind the lower veggie crispers in back.

This is a very complex refrigerator to diagnose, what with thermisters and boards and such. Without technical expertise, you should call in someone who is familiar with the product.

Dangit... that ain't the answer I was hoping for... but I do appreciate the thoughts...

I just got home and looked at the freezer side... bone dry, which is good.

What do you think about myself replacing the water tank?  Seems like that would be doable if I can get to it.

I'm gonna tack on another question here... how come when I do a specific search with google or at the GE site for my model... pss26lsrf... I can't find it?  I can find one this model number, buts that about it...

The most common model is PSS26LGRW, and the parts are the same, so use this for now. Google is not the solution for everything :)

To answer your question about the water tank, you can easily replace it, but kleep in mind there is an underlying problem with overcooling. You wouldn't want a repeat episode any time soon.

Start by placing a thermometer in the fresh food section for a day or so and get the readings. The target temp is 38 degrees F. Let us know what shows up.

Water Reserrvoir-

I highly suggest that you study a Service Manual for these models to familiarize yourself with the controls and diagnostics:

GE SXS Manual


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