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Maytag HVAC?

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Never seen these before.

What do you know about Maytags HVAC products?

Well thay say no news is good news around these parts. I called my buddy down at the appliance parts store and he said he nor none of his crew had heard of any problems associated with the units. Other than when you retro fit you have to switch out the plumbing and Air handler. None of the old copper will work. But the unit is a 15 seer with 12 year warranty and with Whirlpool owning them they may just be the way to go. Too soon to tell really.

Maytag has units made by Haier and Fedders...not sure which ones those are in your link.

FYI one of the oldest sales and service companies here in New York are stocking and selling the line.
I asked their opinion, and they told me that Maytag is the manufacture and now is the only equipment they sell.
They have been in business since1946. If this is any consolidation.

How long have they been selling the Maytag line?

Being Whirlpool bought out Maytag would that make Whirlpool the manufacture?


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