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maytag dryer model # md 3500 (no heat)

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the dryer runs but no heat . any tips would be appreciated

Model MD3500BWW

I need your entire model number. Is it gas or electric?

thank you red beard for your quick response my dryer is 
model (p)MD3500))BWW
serial # (s)40608983ZS
style (y)y7875592
this is natural gas  Thank You #13

I couldn't find that model number. Are you reading it off of the dryer model tag? You probably have a thermal fuse that gone out. Is the glow coil or igniter turning on?

 i read the model # from the paper tag on back of dryer. i would like to check the glow coil & igniter. where are they located and is any disassembly ness. thank you for your help on this problem #13


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