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Kenmore Trash Compactor & Dacor Cooktop


Hi guys,

Had a couple people post 2 that I rarely see, if anyone can help with these that would be great:

Dacor Cooktop:

Thanks guys.  :)

Tell the guy with the compactor to pop the top and check the condition of the power nuts that pull the ram up and down.  It sounds like he has a problem with the drive system, even from down below where the chain drive is looped around the pulleys. With the  top off, the action of the ram can be observed.

Also, check the continuity of the switches, especially the reversing switch and the top limit switch mounted in the top of the ram chute. If the  reversing switch is somehow shorted, it can power  both directions of the motor at once, making for a real loud noise briefly. The diagram is under the top & some of the newer ones  have a tech sheet in the control panel area, but in case his does not, the tech sheet is here:

Tech Sheet for Compactor.

Thanks Repair-man, I'll give him the link to this thread here, so he can come and see what you wrote, and if he has any questions he can register here. :)



Whirlpool Service Professional Seminar-Trash Compactor

Dacor GGC Parts Catalog

Dacor GGC Wiring Diagram   :popcorn:

I popped the top and looked at the power nuts.  They're firm and tight on one side and have a bit of give/wiggle room on the other side.  Is there a particular manner in which they need to be manipulated in order to tighten them up?  I can't get to them without taking the sides off.

The loud noise is far from brief.  It will go on as long as I leave the power on to the unit.  I'll check the switch continuity based on the tech sheet you provided.

I do appreciate the assistance.  Both the compactor and my wife are driving me crazy with this issue.




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