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i cant find a wiring diagram for lg online but for the flame sensors you can try to unplug one wire and see if it lights then touch unplugged wire to the others and repeat, if either way makes it burn you need flame sensor

without the wiring i dont know if its normally open or closed

this test tries them both

The link I got for the manual from.


I was finally able to get back to working on the dryer...have made several trips with my happy bride to to laundrymat :embarassed:   I am a mechanic by trade and am confident on my Ohming out of several parts on the dryer..... but on live testing I have a question..... If you are testing say the gas solinoid and you probe both wires and you get the 90 v ac are you getting what you want......or should you ground your one lead and to say the dryer chasis and prob the wires????? :embarassed:please help me save my marriage and answer these questions O0   Also If I am testing the thermal switches should I test across them????

I did the self diagnostic built into the dryer and will get the igniter to glow...drum to tumble...but no flame coming out......

Thankyou for all your help Acapp Brnttoast and others



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