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Have had a LG DLG3788W for a year..Problem now is that it is Spinning and not heating.....I am hoping to find a service manual to repair it myself,,, I also saw in some posts that there is a diagnostic feature on the machine how can I access this. Any advice would be appreciated


This would be a gas dryer, correct?

I'm having trouble finding a manual myself.

Unplug the unit. There wil be some phillips screws holding the back of the top lid on, remove them and push the top back and remove it. Restore power and test the unit. Look for an orange glow at the front right bottom of the machine. If all goes well it will be followed by a blue glow and heat. Unplug it again. Remove the two screws securing the control panel to the frame and push the front panel forward (it will not be easy as there are about five molded plastic keys which hold the front panel on) and up/off.

Remove all the wiring harness plugs to the control board (they are color-coded to make reassembly easy). You can them remove the four screws at the top of the main front panel and the two screws behind the door and pull the front panel out, remove the door switch plug and remove the front panel. If there was no orange glow during the test, there is a resettable high-limit switch on the left side of the burner tube which is probably now open, push it to reset and check the dryer's exhaust duct for obstructions. Let us know what you find, plenty more to check.

Thankyou So far I have the orange glow I assume its the ignitor firing but I have no blue flame.  Took apart front of dryer did various continuity checks on components don't know exactly if open or closed is bad.....Do not know iof how to check continuity  flame detector I have 2 doublelwires going to 2 terminals on detector...coils had continuity.... 2 detectors on cone had continuity

Time for the fun part: Live testing. With the front panel off but the control board reconnected, see if both gas valve coils are getting ~90vdc (the top one should get it first, followed by the second one after the flame detector closes from the heat of the ignitor). If both coils are getting 90vdc, the gas valve is bad. If not it could be either the flame detector or the control board. The nice thing about this flame detector is any standard one off any modern gas dryer will work.

LG Dryer Main Board Part # 6871EC1121F

LG Dryer Gas Valve Part # 5221EL2002A


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