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Kenmore 80 Washer wont drain before spin

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Our Kenmore 80 has developed an issue that doesnt happen all the time.  It will not drain the water before going into the spin cycle...or wont spin fast enough to get all the water out of the clothes.
 What we have had to do is set the dial back to the rinse that it will rinse and then spin again. This seems to work sometimes.
  What is the problem?

Model 110.23812100
Serial # is cm4914583

Thank you

Check your pump and drain for a blockage.
You also could have a timer connection issue. Remove the timer wire connectors and reattach them.

The timer is in the instrument cluster on top? Is there a diagram of this washer that I can get my hands on? Sometimes there are tricks to taking it apart..


The timer simply has a quick connection block, sometimes they get a little loose and all you gotta do is push it all the way back in. Check for a loose lid hinge and safety switch also.

to get to the timer you swing up the controls by removing the screws on each side and flipping the console. Don't take the hinges off you work from the front on this washer. Nothing can be fixed by working from the back except connecting the hoses. check for a loose lid switch connection too.


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