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Noisy bathroom exhaust fan?

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Mr. Fix-It:
Cubic feet per minute thats how much air the move in a given time.

oh, I wonder if I can get my old one out and look at the motor to see what the cfm is?

It would be nice to get something at least the same size cfm if not a little larger.

Mr. Fix-It:
The motor and the fan produce the cfm volume the motor will only tell you rpm(revolutions per minute)

There may be a sticker on it with the Brand, Model number & CFM, etc ...

If that fan blade is a metal one it probably has a loose hub. You can easily remove the blade and set it on a work bench. I use my vice. Gently ping around the hub and tighten up the hub using a blunt chisel and Ball been hammer.I slide a piece of 5/16th shaft onto the hub to keep from bumming it up but I doubt you have that luxury so be careful and all that noise will go away.


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