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Toilet does not flush good.

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Sometimes our toilet just does not flush good.

If I hold the handle down a little longer then it would stay down on it's own then it seems to work better.

Is there something simple I can do to repair it or should I just replace it?

Mr. Fix-It:
Replace the flapper.


--- Quote from: Mr. Fix-It on January 31, 2009, 02:05:49 PM ---Replace the flapper.

--- End quote ---


Mr. Fix-It:
You can buy them at any hardware store its the valve that drops at the bottom of the tank after the water drains out.

Also check the chain from the flush arm to the flapper.
It may need to be moved to the next hole. This adjusts the length of the chain. This way the flapper opens a little higher allowing a "fuller" flush.


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