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Whilrpool Dishwasher DU810DWGG0-Wiring Diagram Needed


Hi there, Anybody know where I can find a wiring diagram for the above model?

Model Number: DU810DWGG0


I could not find one for a DU810DWGG0, but here is one for a DU810DWGQ0 that should work for you.

What's kind of trouble are you having with the dishwasher?

thanks for the reply. I'm helping a freind of mine remodel his kitchen. He bought a used dishwasher some time ago. Appearantly, the previous owner couldn't figure out how to "dissconnect" the power supply from the unit, so instead cut all wires in the unit and just to make it interesting pulled the connectors off of all the various components. The good news is that the 1/2 of the wiring harness leading to the control panel is intact and connected. As long as I have the proper diagram, I should be able to get everything working ok. Unfortunately, since were right at the end of the project and he thought the dishwasher was covered, there is no money left for a new one at this time. I plan on testing it thouroughly before installing it and have cautioned my freind that if I'm not satisfied with it's safe operation, he may be doing dishes in the sink for a couple more month's. I'll let you know how it go's. Thanks again,

Wow, thats to bad.
You got to wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

--- Quote ---I'll let you know how it go's.
--- End quote ---

Please do and if you got any other question ask away. :)


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