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LG Dishwasher with LE error code

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Lg dishwasher started getting LE error code!
High Five to the broken wire posts!

Right on the money! Took off the door panel and sure enough a broken wire! Mine was blue. Spliced it back together and works like a charm!

Thanks! Just save me $200.00 for a simple repair.

Glad to hear you got it repaired.  O0

I have the same problem, I contacted the service contract company to send a technician.  The Tech said it was low water pressure.  Does this sound possible?  Everything else I've read here and elsewhere says a problem with motor or wiring.  Was it just a lazy tech?  He barely looked at the dishwasher.


Our LG dishwasher was getting the same LE error code.  It turned out to be a simple fix, just a broken wire.  To fix it, first remove all the screws along the perimeter inside the door.  The front of door will come off, there will be some glue holding the insulation inside, just pull it off.  You'll see a bunch of wire at the bottom of the door running through a white plastic guide.  Just above that, a small grey wire and a blue thicker wire were kind of jammed into the tar-like coating of the inner door on ours.  The thin grey wire was broken, the blue one slightly cut.  The white plastic guide unclips to get access to both halfs of the wire. Just strip and solder the broken wire, wrap in some tape.  Simple fix.  I can't really see what would cause this problem.  Hope this helps.


Thanks for the posting what you found with your dishwasher, very helpful.  O0


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