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LG Dishwasher with LE error code

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LG Dishwasher Model# LDS5811BB

DW will fill then stop with an error code of "LE" prior to wash cycle. Turn unit off, then back on, the drain cycle works to pump unit dry. I have tried cutting power to unit for about thirty minutes to clear, also with no change in condition.

Any suggestions on repairs?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hello and welcome,

Display Condition LE = Motor Error

Possible Cause For Error Occurrence:

Wiring connection is OK?
The Impeller of Washing Pump is
The rotor of Washing Motor is
The Blade is locked.


Check the wiring connection.
Replace the cause of restriction.
Replace the Washing Motor.
Replace the PCB.

le means locked motor   disassemble the filter and work your way down to the macerator(steel chopper blade) remove it and see if the side labeled "this side up" is really up, its in english... dont think the chinese labourers paid attention to the warning cause i have seen alot that were wrong way

if it was installed correctly order the complete motor/sump assembly btw you do know LG d/w came with a 2 year warranty right? and some of the water distribution system had a longer limited warranty
read your manual, it states warranty, then price the part, then call warranty depot to ask them their service call and labour to install motor/sump

its not a fun job, you have to remove the machine from the cabinets and tip it over and back a few times to make it all work

i used to work for a company that did frigidaire and LG warranty, left there to work for a retail company, the frigidaire dealers followed me and courted my boss and now he has a friggy warranty contract (i dont mind the friggy product) but i warned him if he takes LG on i'm looking for a new job

it might be a quiet d/w but my noisey 20 year old maytag is always noisey most quiet LG are DEAD quiet half their 10 year life while they wait for parts

i'd spend the what.... almost one thousand dollars? on a maid instead of a machine that spits out motors

btw, take the front panel off your door and look for leaks, the vent tube on the blower is backwards and they all leak in time

sorry if i seem harsh but i expect more from a machine as pricey as an LG that is not servicable without removing it from the wall

I'll bet you find the motor is either locked up or "chunky" when the shaft is spun by hand. I replaced a lot of d/w wash motors. The drain pump is a separate pump/motor from the main wash motor.


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