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Whirlpool Dishwasher GU1500XTLB2 clean led blinks 7 times


Model Number: GU1500XTLB2
Type: 575-0
Serial: FP3505435

Problem: Clean LED Blinks 7 times and no response from any inputs. (Unit was operating normal until this fault).

Actions Taken: (Per the service pointer found online for similar models.).
Confirmed the two door switches are working properly (tested with a multimeter).
Confirmed the heating element (tested with multimeter, 12.5 ohms).
Checked all wire connections (pulled off and reinstalled).
Based on an on-line video I found I did not test the thermistor, see
Ran the High Temp Scour, Air Dry, High Temp Scour, Air Dry diagnostics cycle. This unit

These can be hard ones to repair.

When the clean led blinks 7 times it's something to do with the heating cycle.

There are times I have replaced heating elements to repair the problem and other times replaced the control board.

There were some whirlpool dishwashers were I ordered a heating element and the new element also had a replacement control board in the box.

How old is the dishwasher?

I believe the unit is about 4-5 years old.

Last night I tore apart the units motor and found a bearing that was completley worn out. I couldn't see how but it appears moisture had gotten to the bearing. I'm going to replace the bearing and try the motor this evening.

I'll update later.


Replaced the two bearings in the motor and now it is operating like new.

Thanks for the forums.  Very helpful.


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