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my fridgidaire gallery dryer wont stop running either by timer or sensor what can I do to check and see which is broke with out buying both parts


What is the model number of your dryer?
You can find the model number inside the dryer door.

If the timer's dial does not advance in either a timed dry or automatic cycle you can be almost certain it is the timer. Either the timer's drive motor has stalled or one of the little plastic gears in the gearcase has stripped out.

how hard is your timer to turn? i sell ALOT of timer knobs cause of the sticky frigidaire timers

if your timer is hard to turn or you have broken knobs on it try taking it apart and greasing it, you have nothing to lose cause if it doesn't fix it you need one anyways

btw... grease not aerosol like wd40 or anything from a spray can cause most are flamable and your timer sparks!

I found out the timer needs replaced but now I have a serious problem with the washer..


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