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How Did I Screw This up?


I have a KitchenAid  Model KSRS25FGWH04 Refrigerator. It sprang a leak in the water inlet valve for the ice maker/water dispenser. I dutifully ordered a replacement and installed this afternoon.
BIG problem!
When I hooked up the water lines and the electrical connectors and proceeded to plug it in all seemed fine. Then I turned the shutoff valve back on and all of a sudden water came pouring out the dispenser. No way to stop it short of turning off the shutoff valve at the wall. I am really stumped. Zero problems with the water dispenser before this. The ice maker works fine, the lights come on when the ice or water levers are depressed. No apparent problem with the dispenser lever.
Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Take the two wires off of the solenoid for the water dispenser. Turn water back on. If you still have the same problem, you might have gotten a bad water valve from the factory. Although not common I've seen it happen many times before.


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