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i was looking for the service manual for this ge washer.....overloaded and is now shaking.............thanks

Model WWSE5240G1WW

G.E. service manuals seem to be some of the hardest to find.

I don't have one, but maybe one of the other technicians can come up with one.

GE Top Load Washer Manual   (1.8 MB)

I usually change the support rods when this occurs. Also check the 4 tub dampening straps around the top of the tub cover. Don't spill the Guinness :)

I see AJ has the same manual listed on the sticky topic for the G.E. board.

31-10008 Front Service Full Size Washer - Single and Two Speed 61 pages, 1.08Mb

Goes to show how much I know about GE.  :embarassed:

that service manual helped was extremely close 



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