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testing temp sensor

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hello all.
  on going with same oven, figured out how to go to diagnostic mide.  control panel display show " 01  3d21 "  well manual states sensor resistance.  i order a new one on line,  after testing ohms on original one the manual calls for 11000 ohms at 75 degrees, mine doesnt test far from that........................any suggestions


Model JGW8130DDW

Disconnect the power, open the control panel and pull the harness  from J1 on the relay board to the right. These are the sensor connections. You are looking for 1090 to 1100 OHMs, not 11,000. If the reading is within 2% of this the relay board is likely bad.

The clock (LED) display board can also cause this Bake display issue, but by your description of the problem, it is the relay board.

when i test the relay, would i first plug the temp sensor back in

No, you are to unplug the J10 sensor wire and test the resistance from there. If the sensor is within limits, chances are the relay board is bad.

Well  im  not  there  jet..................
    i opened the control panel assembley ...i was not sure where the j10 was or the "relay board".   i assume it was the motherboard attached to control panel...............i ruled out the connecting block that was approx. 1' down on the right, there were no markings.

  anyway reading the wiring chart that was inside of stove, it appeared to me the temp sensor was on the j5  & j7 connectors which i tested and was tested at around 200 ohms.

  im not sure where to go from here, any suggestions would be appreciated



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