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Sears Kenmore Washer 80 series not draining but agitates and spins OK


Hi, I have an 80 series Sears washer that is about 3 years old.  It rinses and agitates fine, but when it gets to the drain cycle it doesn't pump the water out and then spins with the water still in the tub.  It doesn't add any additional water after the first rinse (not sure if it should).   At the end of the wash there is a tub full of water left in the washer.   I replaced the direct-drive pump thinking that was the problem, but it was not.  I have checked all the hoses for obstructions, kinks etc. and everything looks fine.  I did not see any blockage coming from the tub either.  It will drain when I pump into a bucket, but will not pump the water up a few feet up to my drain pipe leading out of the house to a drywell.  It is set to fast spin, cold water, and low to medium water level (load).   When I lift the lid the spinning stops, so I don't think it's the lid switch.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!   Mike

Model 110.16852501             

I agree with jumptrout51 you must have a blockage in your pump or a hose. Also check your moter shaft and pump impeller. If either is rounded the pump impeller might not be turning.

kind of a funky problem, do you have your drain hose completely sealed at the wall? if so you should have a little bit of an air gap. other than that, the motor shaft that the pump is connected to could be rounded.

I took the machine completely apart last weekend and removed the motor, transmission, and even the tub.  Taking that tub out wasn't fun.  I had to remove the top of the machine to get to the tub which was not an easy job, but I wanted to make sure nothing was inside the tub to block drainage such as a wash towel.  I found nothing inside the tub to slow down drainage so I proceeded to put the tub and outer machine housing back together.  I got it together with a lot of cursing.  Next I looked at the clutch and noticed some dark black grease caked at the bottom of the clutch housing and inside the clutch shoe rivets.  So I cleaned off the clutch housing and clutch shoes with some automotive brake cleaner and put the transmission back in, put the motor back in (which looked like new including the shaft), and then the pump.  I filled the machine with water and put it through a cycle and it pumped great!  So I think the clutch was slipping while spinning the tub and causing weak drainage.  Does this make sense to you pros out there?  My wife has done quite a few loads and the machine is now draining 100% every time. 

Glad it worked out for you.
To answer your question, NO, the things you describe should have had no effect on draining out the water.Only the direct drive motor and pump and connecting hoses were involved.
But, never question success.


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