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Sunbeam stand mixer,,,,,450w heritage series


This isn't a question,,, just a warning,,, in case you should ever have the need to repair one of these mixers.

I have just spent the last five hours of my life trying to obtain a motor for this thing,,, from Sunbeam,,then their service centers, then aftermarket suppliers,,, even Sears,,,, who is still selling this model ( for $150, if you're dumb enough).

Most places simply told me they didn't have the part and were unable to order it,,,, the service center for Sunbeam,, after they spent a half hour searching,, found that the parts were "obsolete" according to their own parts site. 

Yet, they are still for sale......Like I said,,, a warning.

Ed Leeper

CK with they do older stuff & may be able to help you


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