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HGS5052UC Bosch Does Oven Door Have to SHut All the Way?

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Sprung door,To fix it right you will need both hinges & possibly the door panel(hinges insert into). I use a 1/2 square piece of wood ( wire brush handle) & do what JW said, works most of the time BUT DO IT GENTLY!

Another thing you can do is raise the legs up on the front. Throws the weight of the door rearwards.

OMG!  My husband and I thought we were going crazy.  So glad to find the other posts.  We have the same exact problem. At first you think it is your imagination.  "Is the door not flush?  Maybe it is supposed to be that way.  But so much heat is escaping. "  Then you know it's the stove, when the light continuously stays on.  :(  We  are on our second stove.  Bosch had to replace the first, but alas, we are experiencing the same exact problem with the second stove.  The door is ajar about 1/4 to 1/2 inch, heat escapes; making it harder to use the stove knobs, and the interior light is on due to the door not shutting.  We are looking to have the range replaced.  Clearly this is a defect that Bosch needs to address;javascript:void(0);

The problem lies in the hinges and the receptacles that they mount into. Bosch is definitely not alone when it comes to this issue. Here is a bulletin on JennAir Ovens for example, issued to us in 2004. It seems to be quite common in high-end ranges. Yes, Bosch should work with you to resolve this.


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