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HGS5052UC Bosch Does Oven Door Have to SHut All the Way?

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The door on my Bosch gas range doesn't shut all the way.You do feel some heat coming out. But it seems to cook fine. Tho when we broil, we have to hold it shut all the way are jam a big stick against wall to keep it going.
I admit we probably shut the door pretty hard when we first got it.
But doesn't seem like that should have broken it.
New hinges? New Door? just forget about it?

Most oven doors are loose fitting.
Heat has to escape somewhere.
All ovens have a vent system for most of the heat to escape.
Some heat escapes through the door.
If you have a noticeable gap, that is a different circumstance.
Since you are cooking fine, I would say do not worry about it.

I assume that the door swings down. When the door is open does it look like it is @ 90 degrees or less to the oven or more?

Open the door and insert a hammer handle just above the hinge. Close the door and give it a slight tension at the top till it pulls the hinge out a tad to allow for the door to shut flush. This method works on Ice boxs too. Hey I delivered em before they taught me how to fix em.

Thanks for the tips. The doors is open more than 90 degrees. just checked. and the light goes off when we close it, but then goes on again. and the other problem is the convection doesn't work unless we hold it shut. though i don't really need convection.


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