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Frigidaire water actuator replacement


I have one of those Stainless Steel Side by Side Frigidaire refrigerator and the water actuator is broken. I have order the part but don't know how to take the front black panel off. especialy the drip tray. it seems there are few screws behind the tray, but I am not sure how to remove that.

Does anyone have the repair manual for this type and/or give me a hint.

The model number is PLHS67EESB7

Hi hon2007,

You can see the parts diagram in the attachment.
The drip tray will just slide out and then you will see the screws that hold the trim in place.

What is the number on the part you are replacing?

No. 24 which the water actuator, part # 241685703

O.K. I was able to remove the tray without any issue. I just placed my nails underneath of the two end of the Tray and pulled it out. There are no Hard Clip, so nothing will be break.

It is also good idea to do this once in a while , just to clean it. I noticed some Juice residue from pooring the juice first and then remember you want to have to ice with that.

Glad to hear you got it.  O0

I did get your PM's too, but glad to see that you posted back here.
It is alway's best to post questions to the forums so everyone can learn from the answers.

--- Quote ---It is also good idea to do this once in a while , just to clean it.
--- End quote ---

That is some great advice. I have seen more then one these that could have used a good cleaning. :)

Let us know if you need any more help and please keep us updated on how the part install goes.



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