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Fridgidere Free Standing Gas Range with five burners & 2 ovens dead after storm

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The electronic control that starts the oven is without power.  The breaker is fine.  Is there a fuse somewhere?  This is the same oven on their site if you look for a manual, but there is nothing about a fuse in it.

It is stainless with convection/conventional oven and a second small oven that looks like a warming drawer.  this one is electric and has a separate control that still works.  So the little oven works and the clock and big control that controls the oven doesn't.

thanks for any guidance.  Looking to check a fuse somewhere.


Al Capone:

Could you post the model number of your range?


The model number is PLGFMZ98GC.

Al Capone:
I updated your first post with your model number information.

Now we just need to wait for a appliance technician to come along and help answer your questions.


There is not a fuse on this model.
Your EOC is bad and must be replaced.
Yes, the warmer drawer is electric with separate controls.

Unplug the range and remove the electronic control. You will see a burned spot in the display.


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