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How to install a belt for a Frigidaire Gallery



Can anyone help me on how to intall a belt on a Frigidaire Gallery Washer. The washer spins when it suppose to but during the final spin cycle it makes loud noises. I have taken the back off so that I can see what is causing this noise and it seems to be the belt. I bought a new one but i can't seem to put it on. I don't know if there is a trick to this. I have seen other manuals on installing belt for washers but none are like the one I have. Can anyone help out.. The Model # is FWT647GHS0. I also installed both shocks and it wasnt to bad but the belt is something else.


Hi David,

1. Disconnect washer from electrical supply.

2. Remove rear service panel.

3. Remove belt by turning tub drive pulley and rolling belt
off pulley. The belt is elastic and is designed to "give"
enough to remove and install in this manner.

4. Reverse procedure to reinstall, making sure that belt
tracks in the center of the tub pulley. Adjust tracking,
if required, by moving belt on motor pulley.

The belt is going to be the least of your troubles. Either the rear tub bearing is bad or the spider (three-armed) which connects the spin tub to the rear shell is corroded and broken. Try to shake the spin tub in relation to the outer tubs up and down at different points. If it shakes any appreciable amount it is probably time to go shopping for a new unit. Feel free to take it apart to see what actually broke.

Thanks for the help guys, but i think I might have gotten the wrong belt. Its not as easy to install and i measured it to the old one and the new one looks much smaller.

What is the part number on your new belt?


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