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Frigidaire Dish washer stops mid cycle


Our dishwasher frequently stops working 5 - 10 minutes into
the wash cycle and some of the green LEDs on the front panel flash.  
Usually it is the High Temp Wash and Heat Dry LEDs.

I have tried several operating modes and sometimes get different
combinations of LEDs flashing.

I contacted Electrolux and they advised me to reset the circuit breaker that feeds that DW and if that did not work then to call a Frigidaire repair man

Can anyone advise what is going on?


Model FDB1500LFS0

Pick you up a 154718501 and replace the one you have.

"HI-TEMP WASH and NO HEAT DRY LED's flashing indicates power failure has occurred."

Have you checked the Wire-Nut connections behind the Kick-Panel ?


I will check the wiring, but it may be a couple of weeks before I am back there.

Since I have had other sets of blinking lights, can you point me to a chart that shows all of the error messages?


FDB1500LFS0 Tech Data


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