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Posting to the forum with my cell phone.

Playing around with my cell phone to see if I could post to the forums from it.

It takes a little longer to type using the small keypad, but it works. :)

Using the LG Scoop at this time.

The SMF Software we use to run the forums does have WAP.

Having a WAP enabled forum could end up being a very nice feature.

I just started playing with the mobile side of the website, but have plans for it down the road.

Maybe someday technicians from around the world will search for error code information using there cell phones from the customers home. :)

Wow that a better cell phone than I have. I bought mine at the Dollar general store. Under $10 bucks. Pay as you go phone. Had 10 minutes in it to boot! Plus I got 10 extra minutes for activating it on line. The only drawback is that mutha don't work up in the woods. In town its all good. Out in the middle of nowhere it ain't squat.

Geez, you're worse than these cotton-pickin'  soccer moms that turtle in front of me while networking on their Crackberries ....wish I had a bazooka somtimes :)

You need professional help if you are addicted to this forum   ::)

Trust me on this...your blood pressure will remain within normal limits if you distance yourself from other peoples problems, even for a short time. IMHO


--- Quote ---You need professional help if you are addicted to this forum
--- End quote ---

Have you looked at your own post count?  :2funny:

My next phone is going to have internet access on it.
It could be very useful to be able to search this site for info when out doing calls.


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