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My Maytag washer won't drain


I tried to look up the manual on the Maytag website but it says Model # must be at least 6 digits.  But my Model # is A612, Series 11, Serial # 116625  BH.

Can someone help me (I am completely mechanically inept) figure out what & how to look for.  I really don't have $ for a new machine and the laundry mat is expensive these days!  So I thought maybe, just MAYBE, I could actually fix mine!



Hi krisncameron,

What does the washer do during the drain cycle?

Can you hear the motor running during the drain or spin cycle?

If the washer is running during the drain/spin cycle, but is not pumping the washer out check your drain hose to make sure it is not kinked in the back.

If the washer does not run during the drain/spin cycle then you may have a bad lid switch.

When you open and close the lid you should be able to hear the lid switch click on and off.


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