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Washer not spinning fast enough?

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Hi! I'm new to this website so don't know if I'm posting this correctly. I, too, have the same problem with my washer, MAYTAG, Model # MAV7700AWW. I had a repairman here who tried to replace the belt. It still didn't spin fast and sometimes with a regular load, (I can only maybe wash 3 pairs of pants at a time), it wouldnt spinn at all. He said that it was the transmission and suggested that I just get a new washer. I dont know if thats necessary as otherwise, the machine works well. Any suggestions?

Al Capone:

--- Quote ---I'm new to this website so don't know if I'm posting this correctly.
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The correct way would have been to start a new topic.

Posting Basics - Starting a New Topic

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I went ahead and made your post into a new topic for you.  O0

Now we just need to wait for a technician to come along and help answer your questions. :)

You probably need a new thrust bearing kit underneath. It releases the brake so the unit will spin, especially under a load. Instructions are in the kit and no weird tools are needed to replace the parts. All done from underneath or sitting on the floor.

Part # 12002213 Thrust Bearing Kit, AP4009132

I had the repairman replace the thrust bearing kit yet the washer is just not spinning to the speed that it needs to be. Since then, I have also had the water pump replaced. The repairman said that he replaced the belt a month or so ago but just replaced the belt that was on it rather than look up my model number to see what belt really should be used. I am wondering if that is the problem. The washer can't take a normal or heavy load; it just won't spin at all.
I have been washing just small loads and the washer spins slightly but never enough to get the water out of the clothes.

Maybe it is time for a new transmission.  35-6615

The belt that was installed should have been a 22003483.

MAYTAG AMANA 35-6615 Ht Transmission, AP4373431

Part # 22003483 Washer Drive Belt, AP4029079


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