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Maytag dryer, can't figure it out!!

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Maytag dryer model # PYE2300AYW.   Quit running in midcycle today. Won't start back.  Have cleaned out all the lint.  Took the thermal fuse and another switch off the back of the control panel, both were okay.  Had them checked at the hardware store.  Replaced the door switch.  Still not working.  Any ideas?


Do you have a breaker box or fuse box in the house?
If you have a fuse box be sure that both fuses for the dryer are good.

Did you use a meter to check for 240 volts at the dryer?

The thermo fuse you should check on this model dryer will look like the smaller one in the photo.

Click for Larger Image

You will have to lift the top of the dryer to see it. You will find it behind the back of the drum located on the side of the heater.

Is this the one you already had checked at the hardware store?

No, I did see that, but I thought it had something to do with the element, so I didn't take it with me.  I do have a breaker box in the house, but it never tripped the breaker, but I did turn it off and back on with no results.  I don't have an ohm meter, but I think my son does, I will get him to check the breaker.

I would almost bet that the little thermo fuse on the side of the heating element is open.

If the dryer gets to hot it opens up that thermo fuse killing the dryer.
If you find that is the trouble you will want to check your dryer vent and replace they cycling thermostat too.

The thermostat kit in the photo above is the correct kit for your model dryer if you do need one.

It includeds the cycling thermostat and two thermo fuses.
One thermo fuse I believe is used on the gas models and the other on the electric model. There should be a sheet of paper in the kit that tells you what one is for the gas model and what one is for the electric model.

Where is the cycling thermostat located on the dryer?


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